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“God’s Word Is Truth” 2013 District Convention; and “SL Watercolour Vowels”

July 9, 2013

CO-sf13 3 copy

This is the back of the Convention Invitation, showing where you can go for more information, a copy of the Brochure, “Good News from God!” and/or a free home Bible Study at a time and place that suits you.

Alternatively you are most welcome to contact me for any of the above.

Sunday Programme copy

Doodles076 Inverted

juno Summer's Lease WaterColour Vowels

And finally, the last part of the Alpha.

This is a second set of vowels in the watercolour pattern.

I hate using the same colour letter twice in words, so you might find these useful if you feel the same  🙂

The font that I used to make this alpha is called Bubble Beads and is available free from Dafont, HERE.

You might like to add your own lower case letters or other characters using the colour swatch.

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