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Newbie Notes: Digital Inking

April 29, 2010

One element in my mini-kit Honeycomb is a daisy mat which I then “inked” for the card shown at the beginning of the post. (See April 19) Warm thanks to those who commented and asked me to share this technique. It’s lovely to have your feedback  🙂

Digital inking can be accomplished by tweaking a  little-used Layer Style in the Effects (fx) menu, the Inner Glow. Start by opening your image and choosing a colour (by sampling with the Eyedropper Tool) that you want to use as the “ink”. Zoom in to 100% now so you can see the previews accurately.

Following the screenshots below, click on the fx button and select Inner Glow. By default the colour is set to pale yellow and the blend mode to Screen.  To change this to your desired ink colour, click on the yellow square. This brings up the Color Picker dialogue box. Go over to your Foreground/Background swatches and click on the colour you have chosen. Now change the blend mode to normal and – You’ve Got Ink!

Play around with the sliders for Noise, Choke and Size to achieve the effect you want. Like the effect but don’t like the colour? Just click on the square again and resample your colour. The Sprekelia Mat I’ve used here to demonstrate this technique is part of the larger kit for the April CC. (I hope to finish the previews for this today so check back later for the download link). I will include the mat with and without ink so that you can use it to play around with yourself.

One drawback of this technique is that it can look a bit uniform and therefore unrealistic. Nobody inks with perfect evenness, that is part of its charm. But there is a way around that. Did you know that you can separate your layer from your layer effect, and bend it to your will?? Watch this space for another NN!

If these instructions are radically different for your version of Photoshop,

please leave me a comment and I will add the details here.

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  1. Kirsten permalink
    April 30, 2010 8:52 am

    Your things are so different from others – very beautiful. Thank you so much!

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