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Kim’s Fabric Products

August 30, 2009

juno Kim's Fabric Products

Here are some samples of the Kim’s Fabric Patterns made into products. The fringed mat on the top and the card and torn vellum tag on the bottom utilise the patterns as they are because I thought they were prettiest that way. They are adjusted only for size, and then have various textures added and/or actions run on them. The leather tag in the centre utilises the smallest pattern and is tiled first in Photoshop. (Click for a closer look – the leather action from Atomic Cupcake gives a  fantastic effect. Thanks also to Gunhild for the tie.) Newbie Notes asap on tiling the patterns!

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  1. September 1, 2009 5:52 pm

    Hi, there,

    These colors really inspired a lot of folks, didn’t they? Your patterns are fabulous! I love the Watercolor Sparkle. That’s kind of where I went with mine. Your use of the patterns in elements is adorable. I never thought about that. LOL

    I hope you were able to get signed up for the Photoshop course. Some dear heart posted about it on one of the forums I frequent. I know it was a godsend to me! I just had to share it. That way we’ll all be fantastic at Photoshop in 6 months. LOL

    I’ve done tutorials to learn things. That is one good way. Another is the challenges that so many of the forums have. There are several that I am party to that use the challenge as a way to teach a technique. One, in particular, is [url=][/url]. Snowy is all about the designer. She makes resources on a regular basis and puts them up on her blog, [url=]Snowraven’s Cave[/url]. Check out the forum and the challenges – Technique, Inspiration, Color, etc. She includes some tutorials and links to necessary resources, too. There is a thread in her forum just for Resources she puts in it.

    I hope you find another art challenge site that you like. [url=][/url] is kind of unique in this way. Their Yahoo group is a series of ‘contests’ and sharing of ideas. The link to their group is on the main page. Perhaps, you will find something there that you like. I enjoy the learning process as it applies to something I can share.

    Happy learning! Nice to ‘meet’ you.


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