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The Pattern of Things to Come

August 29, 2009

It seems like a long time ago since I mentioned playing with pattern making. In the meantime, I have been busy completing the Wedding Invitations for my younger son and his lovely bride-to-be. Between them they came up with a unique and beautiful design, and I am delighted to have been able to translate their concepts into reality for them. The invitations look exquisite, and are really worth all the effort that went into them, despite everything going wrong that could go wrong!

And so, on to the patterns…If you have never come across COLOURlovers, pay them a visit and have a look at what you can achieve there with their site tools.You can see (and download) the colour palettes that others have come up with, and patterns that they have chosen, or you can upload your own colours like I did with this month’s  Color Challenge swatch. If you do a search for “Kim’s Fabric” or junoxx you will see my latest offerings. Or you can just download them here!

These are all tiny files that you import into Photoshop and tile to fill a page or an item. Later I will do a Newbie Notes on how to do this.

I called these “Kim’s Fabrics” in honour of  Kim Broedelet, who provides the swatches each month for a great fun challenge.

Link is in my sidebar

Thanks, Kim!

juno Kim's Fabric Patterns

Please Note

Personal Use Only

(in compliance with COLOURlovers’ rules)

See Credits and TOUs

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  1. August 30, 2009 4:58 pm

    Hi dear Juno and welcome back to blogland 😉 I’ve missed you. I’m so curious about the invitations, hope you will let me see them 🙂 Beautiful patterns, I’m going to have to wait for your tutorial, though. Hugs

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