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5,000 Visitors – Exclusive En Route!

March 28, 2009


I would like to send a big thank you to everyone who left a comment this week! It has been a lot of fun to read them all. Some of you have become friends already, and others I am just “meeting” now, but warm greetings to you all. Over the next few days I will be in touch with your download details for the Exclusive Petal Envelope Template.

Don’t forget, this will NOT be available anywhere else as a Freebie. It is my special gift to you.

At a later stage I will be offering templates (and other things!) like this for sale in my Cards by Carol venture. Watch this space for more details…

BTW, it suddenly occurred to me that not everyone uses A4 format! Here in Europe it is the default print size but I know that in the U.S. the default is Letter (8.5x11in).  Which means that the paper many of you will be using for printing the template will be Letter-sized.

What I will do is go back to my original design work (in other words – my scribbles  🙂  ) and tweak it so that all of  the template parts will fit  properly on Letter paper, and then upload both A4 and Letter Templates to 4shared. You just choose whichever one suits your paper size. Sorted!


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