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Project365 – The PhotoBook

January 27, 2009

How are you doing with your Project365? I’m thinking ahead to how best to present the results of all those photos and LOs and what I’ve come up with is a Photo Book. The cost of having these printed is coming down and I have seen some mouth-watering examples that make me want to design some of my own.
Digital Photography is high on my list of things to learn in 2009 so my Project365 will be in 2010! However I am taking advantage of all the energy and buzz this year, and gathering ideas and supplies such as templates. My Project2009 is to scrap the photos of my children when they were small, so I will be using a very similar approach to P365.
Putting it all together will be a unique challenge. Have you already noticed that it is difficult to make well-balanced LOs with so many photos? And while it is definitely all about the photos, you don’t want to sacrifice the artistry?
Soooo, Theme Number 1.  (Did I mention that I am juggling several??)
For this first one I am thinking “Botanicals”, a style close to my heart – as you may already have noticed  🙂
And for the cover of this photo book I’ve decided to utilize the petal paper I’ve already put together for one of the wedding LOs.


This is how it may look as the Front Cover of the PhotoBook. Details like Bleed allowances for the printers I will pass on as  I learn them myself. Extra Titles are included in the zip file – if anyone wants a different Title, feel free to ask. 🙂


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