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Zip Peeping

January 7, 2009

Well, I did it again! Picture the scene… You are downloading lots of goodies that you have found on your travels…You start unzipping to sort and file your new kits…Your desktop is filling up with folders and then, bam! the latest zip folder disgorges its contents, not into a folder all neat and tidy but all over your desktop and is now interspersed with the new downloaded stuff  AND the latest pics from your kids AND your shortcut icons AND of course over on the far side you had those Commercial Use items to be carefully filed seperately AND now it’s a disaster area with elements (in five different colours, of course) scattered amok.

Does this sound familiar? At all?

Did you know that you can CHECK before you hit “Extract Here”?


Double-click on the zip file and you will find the above if all is nicely packaged into a folder.

Or you might find THIS…


..and then you have elements running amok,  like me who now knows better but forgets to check 🙂

The pics above are only examples, some unfolder-ed scrapkits do indeed have a desktop full of papers and elements –

Thank you to the designers of these freebies.

Maybe this is one of those things everyone else already knows??

Me, I’m learning on the fly.



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