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March 21, 2017
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juno Banner for Irish Visitors copy.jpg

Memorial and Arcobaleno

March 18, 2017

Wooden table looking out to sunny landscape

New at Cards by Carol

Cards by Carol Mat


The Heart Mat, which coordinates with Arcobaleno (see below)

is included in the card download

Available shortly

Doodles076 copy


Today we begin to invite people to a very important event.

On April 11,  we remember the death of Jesus in the way that he asked. (Luke 22:19, 20)

We warmly invite you to be present with us on this important occasion.

You will learn how Jesus’ life and death can benefit you and your loved ones.Memorial Video.JPG

To watch a short video about this event, please click HERE

To read more and to…

 Find Location.JPG

…please click HEREDoodles076 Inverted_juno Arcobaleno

This little mini kit coordinates with today’s card.

(Some graphics courtesy of




Marshmallow Add On

February 23, 2017


New card at Cards by Carol

Cards by Carol Mat copy


In making the approx 6″ Square card, I wanted to ink the edges of the mat.

So I played around with some Atomic cupcake actions for Photoshop.

The above mats are the results of my experimentation.

I’ve popped all three and the little heart in with the card download.

_juno Marshmallow Elements

_juno Marshmallow Papers 2

_juno Marshmallow Papers 1

The original Marshmallow kit is still available.

You can find it using the Search Box at the top right of the sidebar.

Marshmallow Add On

February 20, 2017


Cards by Carol Mat

New Card at Cards by Caroljuno-marshmallow-mat-web

The Beaded Mat is included in the card download.Doodles076 copy_juno-marshmallow-add-on

Another Add On to one of my older kits.

You’ll find the originals using the Search Box at the top right of the sidebar.

The links should still be active, if you have any problems, let me know.


Pellucid Masks

February 14, 2017


Cards by Carol Mat copy

New Card at Cards by Carol


The full-sized approx 6″ Blue Bird is included in the card download.Doodles076 copy_juno-pellucid-masks

I had a little play with the Pellucid Papers and some pretty masks.


Pellucid Add On

February 12, 2017


New Card at Cards by Carol!

Cards by Carol Mat


The Cluster Mat png is included in the card download.Doodles076 copy_juno-pellucid-add-on

Do you remember my kit Pellucid?

I designed it back in September 2014 but it’s still one of my favourites.

So I’ve done an Add On with some of the lovely goodies

that I didn’t include in the original kit.

I just love these colours!


This is the original kit.

The links are still live if you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Click on the Pellucid preview above to bring you to the original.

Click on the download button below for the Add On.

(Thanks for those who let me know that there was a problem with this link, and the one for the original Pellucid Elements. Both should be fine now. Please let me know if they aren’t!)



Boudoir Black Felt

February 4, 2017



Hello again! I’ve spent many months playing with different things; knitting and crochet. and learning how to make my own beaded jewelry. But it’s time to play with Photoshop again before I lose all my skills :-p

Having rediscovered some of Atomic Cupcakes great actions, here are some felted elements made from silhouettes. I hope you have fun with them!