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Marshmallow Papers 1

July 17, 2015

_ccrl He Cares for You

I’ve just updated my post at Cards by Carol to include a Download from for those who have problems with 4shared.Cards by Carol Mat

juno Marshmallow Cluster


The Flower Girl Cluster and the Flower Girl on her own are included in the card download.

Doodles076 copy

_juno Marshmallow Papers 2


_juno Marshmallow Papers 1


_juno Marshmallow Elements


Yes, I know they’re not marshmallows in the Design Seeds Swatch picture! But that’s what these colours irresistibly remind me of. I’ve added some darks for balance and a bit of excitement, so it’s not all fluffy. Papers 1 today – I made the card from this set.





Melissavena Elements

July 8, 2015

_ccrl Come Follow Me 5x7in


Cards by Carol Mat copyjuno Melissavena Tag Cluster web

The Tag Cluster is included in today’s card download.Doodles076 Invertedcover

The “Imitate Jesus!” Convention

is taking place in Ireland this weekend from

Friday, July 10 to Sunday July 12, 2015

(Please see my previous post for details of venue)

We warmly invite you to attend this year’s three-day convention presented by Jehovah’s Witnesses.


A moving two-part theatrical production will portray significant events in Jesus’ life.

Interviews and demonstrations will feature practical ways to imitate Jesus today.

The special Bible discourse entitled “Jesus Christ, World ConquerorHow and When?” will be presented on Sunday morning.


Everyone. You won’t be charged admission, and no collection will be taken.

See a complete program schedule and watch a video about our conventions.Doodles076 copy_juno Melissavena

And finally, today’s download is the Melissavena Elements!




Christ our Model: 5×7″ and “Imitate Jesus!” Convention

July 4, 2015

_ccrl Christ Our Model 5x7in

Another new card today

juno Melissavena Tulip Cluster web

The Tulip Cluster above is included in the card download.

Cards by Carol MatDoodles076 copyImitate Jesus

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

To Save the World?

To Rule the World?

To Conquer the World?

Hear the answer at a free public talk at the

“Imitate Jesus” Bible Convention.

You are warmly invited to attend.

In Ireland this event is taking place next weekend, Friday, July 10 to Sunday July 12, 2015

at the Citywest Hotel International Event and Conference Centre

Saggart, Co. Dublin

Each morning’s program begins at 9.20am

To find your nearest venue, please visit HERE

and scroll down to


Melissavena: Papers 2

July 4, 2015

_ccrl Not One Sparrow

Finally! The second part of Melissavena is all set to go.

This card has been on Cards by Carol for ages…Cards by Carol Mat copyjuno Melissavena Sparrow Cluster

The Sparrows Cluster is included in the card download.Doodles076 copy_juno Melissavena Papers 2

…and now, Melissavena Papers Part 2




Melissavena: Papers 1

June 8, 2015

_ccrl Be Transformed


The latest card at Cards by Carol is my version of the Butterfly Cutout Card.

The background paper is from Melissavena Papers 2.

IMG_5047 web

My son Killian took this photo of the printed card for me.

There are some finishing tips for making this card at Cards by Carol.

Cards by Carol MatDoodles076 copy_juno Melissavena


_juno Melissavena Papers 1


_juno Melissavena Papers 2



While using this Design Seeds’ swatch to design my latest kit, I kept thinking of honey and oats. Melissa is Latin for honey bee and Avena is Latin for oats, hence Melissavena!

Hmm, oats and honey, now I want to bake cookies…

You may notice a familiar element in this kit, the little envelope with the tag attached with a glass-headed pin? I was so pleased with how this turned out that I went on to make that whole series of them for my Memorial cards, so this kit gives you the original one to add to your collection.


I’m particularly pleased with how this lace turned out. I dyed all my Venetian Lace with herbal teas; this one was dyed with peppermint tea. I love how it produced that soft colour. I’m using the real life lace on hand-made journals, but you get to play with the digital version soon  :-) Papers 1 today…



Butterflies Have Flown

April 10, 2015

_juno Vintage Butterflies Extracted


_Preview 1 Extracted copy

All the emails with the Private Links have now been sent out.

If by any chance I’ve missed you, don’t hesitate to shout!

But I think I’ve included everyone.

That completes the Special Memorial Week’s activities,

so I won’t be sending this link to anyone after today.

Thanks to everyone that made this so much fun!Doodles076 copy

Some Suggestions:

Butterfly Candles copy

I made some Butterfly Candles as part of an Anniversary gift for my son Killian and his wife, and he kindly took a photo of their well-used candles for me.

These are the unadorned butterflies, before I added the vintage script and other touches.

The candles were originally white – I painted them with alcohol inks.

Butterfly Border Card

…and I love this card by Julie Marshall and thought some of the extracted butterflies might work well in a card like this…


_juno Butterfly Border Card


You could move the Butterfly closer to the right-hand edge, but I love the effect of cutting around the wings.

This card is made by cutting an A4 or Letter piece of cardstock down the middle, long-wise.

The only problem is you want your butterfly to print to the very edge.

You could sacrifice one sheet per one card to get around that.

Or you could print two per sheet, then print 2 butterflies on a separate sheet and adhere on top, giving you edge to edge.

Good quality paper would do for that step, and you could use a half sheet to conserve supplies.

Nisan 15/16 and He Was Raised Up

April 5, 2015

_ccrl He Was Raised Up


We come to the last day of this Vintage Butterfly Postage Stamps series.

As usual the full-sized Envelope is included in today’s card download at

Cards by CarolDoodles076 copy

juno Vintage Butterfly Postage Stamp 8 Matjuno Vintage Butterfly Postage Stamp 8

These are the FULL-SIZED elements.

Click to bring up on your computer screen, then right-click and “Save as”.

Make sure you have the big version, over 2MB each.

_juno Vintage Butterfly Postage Stamps 3

…and the final Preview page for your folders.

Doodles076 copy

_juno Vintage Butterflies Extracted

juno Monarch for Jayleigh web

As usual, I like to provide a little something extra for those who so generously take the time to comment and leave feedback, especially during the Memorial series each year. I love hearing from you! So, over the next few days I’ll be emailing a PRIVATE link to all those who commented on my blogs, by email or on Pinterest during this series. The link will be to a folder with all the Extracted Butterflies you can see in the preview above, PLUS an extra Monarch Butterfly especially for Jayleigh.

The extracted butterflies in the collection don’t exactly match the ones I’ve used in the Vintage Butterfly Stamp series. Some are the same but I just used the ones I’d already extracted in Photoshop. Included are the ten you can see in the preview, plus the extra one so Jayleigh can scrap her Monarch photo  :-)

_Preview 1 Extracted copy

Also included in the folder are the 4 Background Papers above. I made these originally for the individual Previews for the Vintage Butterfly Stamps, and then decided to post the full-sized stamps for direct download. And I’ve thrown in the little mask I used on some of the Envelopes to make the text a little clearer. It’s sized for the cards, so you’ll need to enlarge it if you’re using the large envelopes as journalling mats. There’s one Credit I managed to leave out in my swapping and changing, and that’s Jennifer Scraps. Thanks, Jennifer! I love your work. If I’ve missed anyone else, please let me know!Doodles076 copyjuno Envelope Tempus Fugit 2 web

The last full-sized 5.5″ envelope is included in today’s card download.

It coordinates with one of my kits from 2014.

Cards by Carol Mat


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