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Memorial and Rubescent Bird Cluster

March 23, 2015



This is the reverse of the Memorial Invitation.

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After sundown on Friday, April 3, 2015, Jehovah’s Witnesses will observe the Memorial of Christ’s death, an event that they consider the most important of the year. The commemoration includes a 45-minute public discourse entitled “Appreciate What Christ Has Done for You!” As part of this special event, we are inviting our family members, neighbours and friends to attend. I would like to extend a warm welcome to you, my blog friends. To find out where your nearest location is, please visit HERE and click on “Find a Location Near You”.Doodles076 copy_ccrl Hairs of Your Head

There’s a new card in both A6 and A2 sizes over at Cards by Carol.

   (Can one of my visitors from the US please confirm for me if cards measuring 4.25″ x 5.5″

are called A2? I’ve been calling them QL (Quarter Letter) but what’s the official name?)juno Rubescent Bird Cluster web


The Bird Cluster and the full-sized 4″ Bird are included in the card download.Cards by Carol Mat copy

Newbie Notes: Inverting Colours

March 21, 2015

Newbie-NotesI mentioned in my previous post that I chose a particular shade of green to lift the colours of the Design Seeds palette. So where did I get that particular shade of green that tones so well? I have a trick for that using Blend Modes. In Photoshop, Difference and Exclusion are what’s known as Comparative Modes. Don’t ask me the mathematics behind them – I learned by accident that I could use them to create inverted colours for my swatches. Sometimes one works better than the other. So for the current one, I duplicated the palette layer and changed the Blend Mode to Difference and got just black. Exclusion gave me other options, including a green with a perfect tonal value for contrasting with our palette.

_Inspiration Design Seeds Exclusion

Memorial and Rubescent: Elements

March 21, 2015

_ccrl A6 Life

Today I have a new card at

Cards by Carol Mat

The Doily Cluster below is included full-size in the card download.juno Rubescent Doily Cluster 72

Doodles076 Inverted


Millions Will Attend

Attend what?

The Memorial of Christ’s Death on Friday next, April 3rd.

You are warmly invited to meet with us to observe the anniversary of Jesus’ death.

To find your nearest location, please visit HERE

Doodles076 copy_juno Rubescent Elements

Rubescent Elements today.

I deepened the wine colour to almost black for one of the teapots as an accent, (there’s a pale pink version too) and added touches of the coordinating green from the Design Seeds palette.

There’s no green, you might say! So where did I get that particular shade that tones so well? I have a trick for that. I’ll do a Newbie Notes on that shortly in case any of you find that useful for your own digital play work  :-)


Rubescent: The Papers

March 17, 2015

_ccrl Source of Life


To start off my new kit, Rubescent, here’s my first card.

I’ve made this in European A6 size and US QL, 4.25″ x 5.5″.

The Iris cluster and the full-sized 4″ x 5″ Iris for scrapbooking are included in the card downloads.

Cards by Carol Mat copyjuno Rubescent Iris Cluster webDoodles076 copy_juno Rubescent Papers

_Inspiration Design Seeds Chilled Tints 505


Introducing Rubescent, based on the Design Seed’s swatch above. I chose this palette particularly because it’s a little outside my usual colour choices, as a design challenge to myself. These challenges don’t always work out! But I’m pretty happy with this one and I hope you find some things in it that you like it too. Elements coming shortly.


Misty Provence: The Scenic Papers

February 11, 2015

_ccrl You Are Worthy

New card at Cards by Carol using The Scenic Papers.

The blank Journalling Mat is included in the card download.Cards by Carol Mat

juno Misty Provence J Mat web

Doodles076 Inverted_juno Misty Provence Scenic Papers

Misty Provence: The Scenic Papers

I don’t know if these lovely scenes are actually in Provence! But they fit quite well with the kit, I think. They started life as illustrated plates from a journal called Ackermann’s Repository, published in Regency England from 1809 to 1829. I found the scans HERE, in EK Duncan’s gallery. I see that she has added some more since I visited. I’ll be adding these to my collection! This is what the originals looked like…

ekd_scenic_background_2 web

I increased the size to 12×12″, reduced the opacity over a background texture in a colour from the Misty Provence palette, added lace at the top and damask to the water. Thanks, Eveyd, for a great find!


Misty Provence: Elements

January 26, 2015

_ccrl Large Reward

Another card made using Misty Provence.

The Bird Journalling Mat and the teeny Birdhouse

are included in the card download.

Cards by Carol Etsy Banner copyjuno Misty Provence Bird J. Mat webBirdhouse copyDoodles076 copy_juno Misty Provence Elements

…and on to the elements for Misty Provence.

I have lots more goodies in store that I hope I can work into some more cards,

so come back soon! Also I made the polka dot paper for the above card, so there may be another batch of papers too.


Misty Provence

January 14, 2015

_ccrl God is Faithful

Misty Provence is slowly coming together so here is the first card I made with it,

available atCards by Carol Mat copy

Doodles076 Inverted_juno Misty Provence Papers

…and here are the Papers

based on this gorgeous swatch from Design Seeds.

_Inspiration Design Seeds Color Sprig



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