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New Card: Love is Patient and Cluster Frame

July 25, 2014

_ccrl Love is PatientNew freebie CCPennant Circle Cluster Frame 72

New card on my Cards by Carol blog

includes a Cluster Frame that coordinates with

juno Amoruccio

Amoruccio: 250th Blog Post :-)

July 22, 2014

_ccrl Peace Printable CardCards by Carol Mat_juno Amoruccio Boat Mat 72

The Journalling Mat above which coordinates with juno Amoruccio

is included in the Free Printable Card download.Doodles076 copy_juno Amoruccio

juno Amoruccio

(Italian: My Love)_juno Amoruccio Papers

A closer look at the Papers

_Inspiration Design Seeds Freshened Neutrals 1

Design Seeds: Freshened Neutrals

Beautiful warm evenings have me leaving my windows open at night to enjoy the air. We don’t get a huge variety of butterflies here in Ireland but the moths! My studio fills up with all shapes and sizes, which I don’t mind at all except for the ones that hurtle themselves at my face. I was impressed with this pretty one’s placement of himself on my wallpaper – just where I might put him in a design  :-)  I googled it and found it’s called a Swallow-tailed Moth and rejoices in the botanical name of Ourapteryx sambucaria.

3D Moth copy

 EDIT: Can you believe it? This is my 250th Blog Post. 





Chocolat Butterflies

July 16, 2014

_ccrl All His Ways Are Justice


Cards by Carol MatNew Printable Card at Cards by Carol

juno Chocolat Extras Firecrest


The Firecrest, with and without his branch, and the Bow are included in the Card download.

Doodles076 copy

_juno Chocolat Papers Preview

Remember the Butterflies from the juno Chocolat Papers Preview?

Well, here they are!

juno Chocolat Butterfly 2 Preview

_juno Chocolat Butterfly 2 Preview

juno Chocolat Butterfly Glass 2 Preview

I made some butterflies to go with juno Chocolat. These will be a feature in several kits to come which are currently in the pipeline. There’s a solid and a filigree version of each shape that you can use together or separately. In this download there’s also a glass filigree butterfly in each shape, and a note with a suggestion about Blending Modes when using them on darker papers. If you like these glass butterflies I can make some for the other shapes of butterfly that will be appearing. Try them out, with and without Dropshadows, and play with the Blending Modes. Have fun!


Chocolat: Extras and Kuler

July 15, 2014

_ccrl Let Your Light Shine


New Free Printable Card @ Cards by Carol

Cards by Carol Mat

_juno Chocolat Extras

 juno Chocolat Extras

Includes 5 12x12in Papers and 3 Layered Borders Papers

Kuler 2 Triadic

 KULER: Triadic

Kuler 1 Analagous

KULER: Analagous

Having FUN with colour  :-)  I enjoyed working with the Chocolat palette but also decided to see what complementary colours would be good to add to it. So I visited Adobe Kuler (see link in my sidebar under Resources) and entered the milk chocolate colour from Chilled Neutrals as my Base. The base colour in the Kuler interface is the centre one with the little white triangle. You can add colour values in RGB or HTML and choose from seven colour scheme variations in the colour wheel. I chose Triadic and Analagous because they gave the prettiest contrasts.

Kuler is an amazing, free service. You can build colour schemes, as I did above, and you can also browse and share in the forum. You can search colour schemes by color, concept, hex values and tags. There’s even a free app for your iPhone that allows you to point the iPhone camera at something colorful and Kuler will instantly extract a palette for you. The only possible drawback, in my view, is that the registration process is quite extensive. To me it’s well worth it to have such an awesome toy to play with, and if you also have an Adobe ID you can download your favourite swatches as ase (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files to import directly into Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

If it’s too much hassle to register for Kuler, there are similar services available of course. Two of my favourites are Color Scheme Generator and COLOURlovers. The links for these are also in my sidebar.





July 13, 2014

_ccrl In Your Hand


New Free Printable Card at Cards by Carol

_juno Chocolat

_juno Chocolat Papers Preview

_Inspiration designseeds Chilled Neutrals
Something a little different. I’ve taken a palette, Chilled Neutrals by Design Seeds as my starting point for this kit, but warmed it up a little. I’m thinking, not Choc Ice but Hot Chocolate, in one of aurorabor’s pretty cups! The Butterflies that you can see on the front of the Papers Preview are in a separate download, coming soon. Also I played around with contrasting colours using Kuler, and made an Extras kit, which I’ll post about soon too.
Chevrons 150

Kuler 1 Analagous

Kuler 2 Triadic
You’ll notice that in your download folder, you have a clipping mask for Paper 5. I’ve included this in case you want to clip a photo so that it sits inside the frame, as in the example below.juno Chocolat Paper 5 Clipping Mask


 If you need some guidance on how to use a clipping Mask, let me know in the Comments.





Tempus Fugit: New Card and Cluster Frame

July 8, 2014

_ccrl Lover of Justice

I’ve just uploaded a new card on Cards by Carol

I used the embossed paper from juno Tempus Fugit as the background.

The coordinating Cluster Frame is included in the card download.

A very special extra Thank You

to the lovely and gracious

Kim Broedelet of

for the kind permission to use her cute Paint Splatter.

Thanks, Kim! You’re the Best :-)


Cards by Carol Mat

Tempus Fugit

July 1, 2014

ccrl God is Love

As usual, I’ll start with the printable card that is now available free on Cards by Carol. As you’ll see, I designed a new digital paper as my background, and a matching tag and ribbon which are NOT included in the Tempus Fugit kit (see below).  This is what happens – I finish the kit I’m working on, then turn to putting together a card or two and discover I want different elements or patterns for my card designs. Extra matching goodies! What to do with them! That’s why I often add them to the card download. This time round, I think the three extra goodies, full-size for scrapbooking, would make the download too big for those who may just want the printable card. So I’ve packaged them separately and the download link will be over on Cards by Carol.

By the way,  you may have cleverly spotted that when making a card using my digital papers, I usually resize them to 6x6in. The smaller scale works well most times and includes more of the paper’s details than what using the full size 12x12in version would afford. But this time – I didn’t! The polka dotty, flowery paper is just right as it is I think. The paper and the scalloped Journalling Mat are made using templates by Delicious Scraps. Anna of Delicious Scraps is the SOMETHING OLD in my Designer Love feature below.

Doodles076 copy_juno Tempus Fugit


Tempus Fugit: The Kit

_juno Tempus Fugit Papers

 Tempus Fugit: The Papers

_juno Tempus Fugit Extras @ Cards by Carol

Tempus Fugit: The Extras

Inspiration design seeds Macaw Hues


Design Seeds: Macaw Hues

Bird by Jehovah. Palette by Jennifer.

Thank You!

For the original Design Seeds post showing this swatch, click on the image above

SOMETHING OLD: Continuing my Designer appreciation, Anna of Delicious Scraps is an OLD favourite. If you read the Thanks and Credits file that comes with each of my downloads, you’ll be familiar with how frequently she crops up. I have a huge, much-loved and much-used file of her templates on my computer. Anna, your generosity is much appreciated.

SOMETHING NEW: If you have a look at the papers preview, at the one on the far left, you’ll see why I appreciate  Lileya of deviantART.* Her Photoshop brushes are wonderful and varied. I was trying out her Ornamental Corners abr to see which brush I wanted to use, then decided I like the whole page full! Thanks, Lileya!

*Lest the mind go off in the wrong direction  :-p please note the origin of deviantART’s name HERE. (Scroll down a little to History)

Download copy


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