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Chartreuse: The Papers

October 8, 2014

_ccrl I Cling to You


Today’s card at Cards by Carol is based on my latest kit, juno Chartreuse

Cards by Carol Mat copy

juno Chartreuse Bird Mat web

The blank Bird Cluster Mat which coordinates with juno Chartreuse is included in the card download.Doodles076 copy_juno Chartreuse

_juno Chartreuse Preview Papers

_Inspiration Design Seeds Frosted Hues_1

New Kit! New Cards!

Based on the above palette from Design Seeds

Papers today.

Elements – Soon  :-)

Download copy

Pellucid Elements

October 1, 2014

_ccrl Give Advice 5.5 in

Cards by Carol Mat

 The coordinating Frame Clusters below are included in the download of my new card at

Card’s by Carol

juno Pellucid Frame Cluster web

juno Pellucid Frame Cluster 2 webDoodles076 copy_juno Pellucid



_juno Pellucid Papers

juno Pellucid Elements are available for download today.





Pellucid Papers

September 24, 2014

_ccrl Heart Complete 5.5in sq

Cards by Carol Mat

Latest card made using juno Pellucid.

The blank Journalling Mat/Frame below is included in the card download.

juno Pellucid J. Mat Frame webDoodles076 copy_juno Pellucid

_juno Pellucid Papers

_Inspiration Design Seeds Iced Tones

Pellucid: translucent, transparent, crystal clear, bright, glassy, limpid…

Beautiful words that came to mind as I chose the above Design Seeds palette as my inspiration for this kit.

The Papers are available for download today.


Abraham A2 and Petrichor Umbrella Girls

September 22, 2014

_ccrl-Abraham-A2Cards by Carol Mat

This is my latest at Cards by Carol, made using a new kit, juno Pellucid,

to which I’m still adding the finishing touches.

But here is a glimpse of the Papers…

_juno Pellucid Papers

I’ll be posting the full kit soon. The blank Journalling Mat from the card and the full-sized, 5.75″ Blue Birds, which co-ordinate with Pellucid, are included in the card download.juno-Pellucid-Birds-J.-MatDoodles076 copy_juno Petrichor Umbrella Girls

As promised

Umbrella Girls to go with Petrichor!

For a splash of fun and colour  :-)

You can see the included Leaf Paper better below.

juno Petrichor Umbrella Girl Paper LO web


Petrichor Papers

August 23, 2014

_juno Petrichor Papers

Just popping in quickly to post the link for the Papers.


Petrichor and JW.ORG

August 18, 2014

_ccrl Keep Seeking First God's Kingdom Preview copy




 “Keep on, then, seeking first the Kingdom and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

A very appropriate scripture since it’s the theme of the upcoming District Convention


22-24 August

CityWest Conference & Event Centre

Saggart, Co. Dublin


juno Petrichor Fabric Pennant

The above cluster and the full size pennant which coordinate with juno Petrichor are included in the card download.

Cards by Carol MatDoodles076 copy

JW_01 copy

This month I’m taking part in a world-wide campaign letting people know about the wonderful website, JW.ORG. It features many thought-provoking answers to ” life’s big questions” as the promotional leaflet shown below says.

As well as getting help in finding where those answers are in the Bible, you can listen to/read the Bible online in up-to-date, modern English. There are videos if you’re a visual learner, dramatic Bible readings if you like to listen, special items for children and young adults, songs, full length movies of Bible events – and that’s just scratching the surface. If English is not your first language, there’s a choice of 680 languages, including many sign languages.

Why not pop over for a visit now and have a look around? There’s a section on the bottom right where you can request a free Bible study at a time and place that suits you. And you can watch a 3.5 minute video “Why study the Bible?” while you’re there :-)

If studying online suits you better, I’m available. You can email me at to arrange a study via Skype, Gmail Chat or Google Hangout, or to arrange just a chat and a demonstration if you’d prefer to get an idea of what it’s all about first. I don’t usually use the video feature on Skype or Hangout. It makes for a smoother connection and no need to worry about a bad-hair day! There’s no charge, no obligation and I don’t bite. Promise!


2 copy

3Doodles076 Inverted_juno Petrichor

_juno Petrichor Papers




_Inspiration Design Seeds Kittenish Hues

“Petrichor: The smell of earth after rain.” What an evocative scent. What an amazing word! I didn’t know there was a word for that, did you? The above palette from Design Seeds with its cool, misty colours inspired me to make this kit. It ended up being quite large, so I’ve split the download into Elements and Papers. Today’s download is for the Elements only. I’ll update this post tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest to add the download link for the Papers. Next week I’ll have a fun add-on as well  :-)


Fioritura Calligraphy and District Convention 2014

August 14, 2014

_ccrl Love Hopes All Things

 New Free Printable Card at Cards by CarolCards by Carol MatDoodles076 copy

Keep Seeking First God’s Kingdom

District Convention 2014


This year’s District Convention in Ireland takes place the weekend of Aug 22-24

Venue: CityWest Conference & Event Centre

Saggart, Co. Dublin



You can download a pdf of the above Invitation for a closer look HERE – No Invitation is need for access. Everyone is welcome. You can also read and/or download the complete Program Schedule. Find it by typing “convention” into the Search box on the top right of the home page at JW.ORG and it should be the first result displayed.  You can also watch a video about our conventions HERE and HERE . There are lots of other videos about conventions from previous years as well if you’re curious about what happens there.

If English isn’t your first language, you can click on the box that says “English” at the extreme top right and select from 680 languages! (including many Sign Languages)

If you’re visiting our convention for the first time and can only come for part of the weekend, it might be helpful to look at the program and decide which talks/dramas you really don’t want to miss. For myself, I don’t want to miss a single minute of all three days! Doodles076 Inverted


I came across this image on Pinterest recently and it formed part of my inspiration for Fioritura, which is Italian for “flourish”, or “flowering”. Decorative swashes and ligatures are called flourishes in the calligraphy world, so I thought I’d add some flourishing Calligraphy Elements to my kit. I’ve added the shadowed versions as well – the child with the balloon in a separate png, the others are together in one document. You’ll have to use your favourite method of selecting the individual images; lasso tool, masking, erasing…

I did a Google Image search on the Pinterest picture and the original Fioriture calligraphy image appears to be from Brigitte Schuster’s website. (EDIT: Brigitte tells me, No. It’s by Luc Saucier, a calligrapher, singer and illustrator from Ontario. She took one of his classes)

_juno Fioritura Calligraphy



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